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  • corporate culture(图1)
    Create a new and efficient employment mode
    corporate culture(图2)
    Leading provider of on site intelligent logistics solutions

    Provide high efficiency, high flexibility and high expansibility on-site logistics solutions for users

    High efficiency: fast delivery (comprehensive cost reduction), reliable, safe and easy to use

    High flexibility: support multiple changes in the same scene

    High scalability: adapt to new scenarios, multi system integration

    On site logistics: including storage, loading and unloading, sorting, picking, handling, packaging, circulation processing, information processing

    Solution: on site logistics planning and design and scheme import based on customer business.

    sense of worth
    • 企业文化(图3)
      Focus on Perfection
    • aim high
    • 企业文化(图5)
      Continuous innovation
    • Take responsibility
    • 企业文化(图7)
      Result oriented
    • work hard and perseveringly