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    Transformation of intelligent forklift

    Manual forklift unmanned refit, its automation, intelligent upgrade is the most urgent customer efficiency and cost optimization needs.

    Path planning

    On demand customization

    Automatic operation

    Cluster scheduling

    Coordination and linkage

    Collaborative docking


    Main modules of forklift reconstruction

    The main transformation modules of manual forklift are navigation module, communication module, control module, human-computer interaction module, obstacle avoidance module, automatic charging module, etc.

    • Navigation module
    • Communication module
    • Human computer interaction module
    • control module
    • Obstacle avoidance module
    • Automatic charging module

    Covering the whole series of forklift refitting

    Support all types of forklift rapid refitting, provide unmanned forklift intelligent solutions
    • Hangzhou forklift and Heli electric forklift
    • Linde electric forklift
    • Other domestic and foreign series electric forklifts
    • Yonghengli electric forklift
    • Hester electric forklift
    • Toyota series

    High quality case of refitting cooperation