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  • Product Center

    For customers and automation integrators, provide intelligent logistics solutions such as unmanned forklift / AGV / AMR / narrow roadway / unmanned tractor

    Narrow roadway AGV

    Fully self-developed, the narrowest roadway only needs 1.8m
    Narrow roadway AGV


    Flexibility, open interface support different scenarios

    Unmanned tractor

    Unmanned tractor, to meet indoor and outdoor large tonnage haulage
    Unmanned tractor
    Forklift refit
    Support all types of manual forklift quickly converted into unmanned forklift, with the best efficiency and cost to help warehouse automation, intelligent upgrade
    • Navigation module
    • Communication module
    • man-machine interactive module
    • control module
    • Obstacle avoidance module
    • Automatic charging module
    Provide the industry-leading high efficiency, high flexibility, high scalability of complete intelligent solutions to meet the customized needs of customers, special working environment
    With the leading technical solutions and product capabilities, it has achieved a large number of successful commercial landing cases, and has been unanimously recognized by customers
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